Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm a Mommy

Everyday was a struggle when Tim and I were dealing with infertility. I woke up thinking "I'm not pregnant" and was reminded several times throughout the day that I wasn't pregnant and then went to bed with the same thoughts. It was a very difficult time. Now... I'm reminded ALL day long that I'm a mother.

I wake up to Jaxson's sweet little ramblings over the baby monitor.
I get ready for work while he is following me around the house and pulling at me to pick him up.
I drive to work in my car that has cheerios here there and everywhere.
I sit at my desk that has pictures of Jaxson plastered all over.
I get little text messages with pictures of him during the day.
I go in my purse to pull out my id badge and pull out a nuk instead.
I come home to screams and hugs and kisses everyday.
I talk about Jaxson's poop at dinner time with Tim.
I constantly trip over his toys all over the house.
There are little tiny socks to fold now in the laundry basket.

I have a heart that overflows with LOVE for this little boy!! I love being a mommy and love my little reminders all day long. That will never get old. Never.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a long overdue update... like way overdue

I'm ALIVE!! If any of you out there still check my blog (which I highly doubt) I'll give you an update on what we've been up to! It's been a month - yikes. Well, I'm happy to report that I have not had anymore dreams of pooping a hamster.

First off I'm still trying to figure out what happened to my baby because I have a little BOY in my house - no baby. He is growing up SO fast.

Jax is now the proud owner of 7 teeth (and more on the way)

Jaxson's favorite thing to do is to hang out in a laundry basket. He is way too cool to play with toys. His favorite things to play with are a spoon, a sock and a straw. Doesn't take much. He also loves to shut doors. If there is an open door it will be shut within seconds.

Jaxson said MAMA for the first time on 1/16!! He's been saying Dada since May, so I was getting quite jealous and ready to hear mama. And it was WONDERFUL!! He hasn't been saying it a lot, but we're working on getting him to say it more and more.
We also had our very good friends from Australia here for a visit so we enjoyed our time with them VERY much!

We got together with other families that have adopted or are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. Here are just some of the cuties that were there. (3 of the babies are from Hannah's Hope)

I finally broke down and gave Jaxson his first haircut this past weekend. It was getting out of control and I was feeling quite confident so went at it. The only place Jax would sit still was in the laundry basket of course. So, that's where I cut his hair. Hey... it worked. I do have a pic, but I'm too lazy to upload it right now so just close your eyes and imagine me cutting his hair in a laundry basket. Yep - it looked just like that. Moving right along...

Things in the Prust house are going well. We are very ready to be done with winter and have it warm enough to chase Jax around outside. I'm still struggling with the whole balance issue. It's really hard working fulltime, but it is what it is and I enjoy my time with Jaxson that much more. He is SO much fun. He is such a complete ham and cracks us up everyday. His smile is infectious. I am still amazed at how much joy this little human has brought to Tim and I. It's simply amazing. And to top off the mushy love fest I have going on here... Jax blew me a kiss this morning for the first time when I was leaving for work! Awww! Talk about having a hard time leaving. Ugh. It was tough. But, I'm hoping for another spit blown kiss tomorrow. :)