Monday, September 29, 2008

Sshhhhh...Courts in Session

Courts are back open!! I'm very excited for everyone who is awaiting travel dates. I hope things move quickly so they can go and pick up their children! And for all of us waiting for referrals - I hope those referrals come flying out in the next couple weeks!! I'm starting to get antsy...I don't want to wait anymore.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was a very exciting weekend for Brewer fans!!! WOOHOO!!! GO BREWERS!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim & Crazy Squirrel Lover

HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY PAUL SIMON...oops I mean TIM!!!!

hahahaha....ok Tim is totally going to kill me for posting this picture, but oh well!! I love you Tim!!

I have another squirrel update for you. Yes, the squirrel saga continues. So...we have now caught 3 squirrels...can you believe it?! We've been thinking that it was 1 squirrel making our lives miserable, but was a family affair. Well, there are still more to be caught. The problem has definitely gotten better...but the mama squirrel has been spotted a few times. Our new problem is the mysterious SQUIRREL LOVER. Yes, apparently there is someone out there that loves squirrels and does not like the fact that we are catching them and letting them go out in fields. We are not killing them. So...whoever you are out there - PLEASE STOP LETTING THE SQUIRRELS OUT OF THE TRAPS!! Ugh!! Someone is letting the squirrels out of the traps and actually breaking the traps. Now come on people...find something better to do with your time. I'm thinking this lady lives in my neighborhood. Squirrels are not pets, they are yucky rodents that want to attack us - so leave them alone!
To be continued...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cute Bib

How funny is this bib?!? My aunt got it for us and I just think it's the funniest thing!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


So, these past few days have been cRaZy with referrals!!! I could NOT be happier!! A smile is plastered on my face!! Our new unofficial numbers are....

Isn't that EXCITING!?!?! WAHOO!!! I think it's about time I got working on the nursery!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's a Good Day!!

It's a GOOD day!! Autumn & Brian FINALLY received their referral - man did they wait a long time for that. SO very happy for them! And 2 other families also received referrals. So...that means we are moving down that list.

That would put us at #16 for a boy and #17 for a girl. Now of course these are not "official" numbers from our agency. But they are official enough for me!

Also...wanted to give you a little update on the squirrel situation. So, Tim was realizing this his bb gun skills just weren't doing the trick. The squirrel was not planning on leaving anytime soon. He even somehow managed to get into our attic. I'm telling you - this is a PROFESSIONAL we are dealing with here. The little bugger knows what he's doing. Tim gave in and called pest control on Monday. So, they came over on Monday evening and set 3 traps outside to catch the thing. Tim is like a little kid on Christmas Eve...sneaking outside to take a peek to see if we had caught one. Well, Tuesday morning - nothing. He came home from work yesterday to see the squirrel standing on TOP of the trap munching on some of the peanuts that were placed inside the trap. Nice.........real nice. We paid the pest control people to come over and FEED the squirrel. Ugh. Ok, so again this morning Tim goes out...yep there he is eating his breakfast on TOP of the trap. So, Tim comes in this morning and says I'm calling that pest control place because the traps aren't working. He wasn't so happy. So Tim leaves for work and I'm still getting ready and I can hear the thing whining and whining and whining. I go outside....HA!!!! HA HA HA!!! It's in there!!! Squirrel - CAUGHT!!! Take that....sucka!!!!!!

It's a good day for the Prusts!!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Sweet Little Emry Tayte....

Emry was born at 6:51pm on Friday after being stubborn for poor Mom all day. My sister-in law Tammie asked me a couple of months ago if I would be in the delivery room with her and I of course said yes. I think it was an honor for her to ask me and it's something I may not experience myself, so am happy to have experienced with her. Those that know me know that I don't like needles, blood, hospitals, etc... So, I was a little nervous about everything I was going to see, but none of it bothered me at all. I actually surprised myself. It was incredible, and Tammie - well, she is just amazing. She is a trooper thats for sure - no epidural (she is crazy if you ask me!!). Here are a few pictures from Friday...

Obviously, this is still when Tammie was about a "2" on the pain scale. We are still smiling at this point...
So, I'll just skip all the pictures inbetween. I'm not sure Tammie would appreciate those being posted. :)

Fresh outta the oven...

Holding Daddy's finger...

SO excited to meet their new baby sister...

Family of 5 (doesn't Tammie look GREAT for just being in labor for almost 10 hrs?!)

I love them...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ava Grace

Tim has been having lots of fun taking pictures the past few weeks. His favorite thing to take pictures of are our nieces of course. Here are some that he took this past weekend of little Miss Ava. Don't you want to just kiss those cheeks?!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Let me tell you about our little friend....Mr.Squirrel. I guess I should rephrase that because he is NOT our friend. We have had this OBNOXIOUS squirrel taunting us for a couple of months now. This thing is not afraid of anything or anyone. We will be standing 5 ft away from the thing and it doesn't move or flinch. It sticks its little butt up in the air...shakes his bushy tail and makes these noises at us. It seriously wants to attack us. The first time I got really scared and ran in the house. It does the same thing to Addy too (our dog). Tim borrowed a bb gun from my Grandpa and was convinced he was going to take care of the problem. It's actually quite entertaining. Everytime Tim hears the squirrel or Addy alerts us that it's in the backyard - he runs outside with the bb gun and shoots away. He has shot the squirrel several times and sometimes it doesn't seem to care too much and sometimes it scurries off...but it always always always comes back. Many of our friends have been over and witnessed our crazy squirrel and laugh as Tim runs in the house...gets his bb gun and plays target practice. We've set a trap and put some very enticing peanuts in there...but the squirrel isn't buying it yet. I don't mind your ordinary squirrels running around the yard - but this one is just plain cRaZy. Have you ever heard a squirrel whine? If not - consider yourself lucky - it's ANNOYING - this thing is so stinkin' loud. So, if you have any suggestions on how we can avoid being attacked by our vicious squirrel that won't go away - PLEASE let me know!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Meeting in the Flag Store & Pee Pee Tea Party!!

Want to hear a VERY cool story??!! Of course you do! I go... So, tonight Tim and I decided to ride our bikes downtown because the Extreme Volleyball Pro Tour is at the beach this weekend and also on the first Friday of the summer months all the shops stay open late, they have live music, ice cream, you know just stuff like that. So, we locked up the bikes and just walked in and out of shops, went to the art museum, listened to some music, etc. We then decide to go into this Map & Flag store because we wanted to get an Ethiopian flag. So we get our little flag and then we walk over to the maps and Tim pulls open this fold out map of Ethiopia and we are looking at it. This woman who was shopping in there came up to us and said "Hey - you're looking at an Ethiopian map - are you planning on going there?" I said "yes - we're actually adopting from there". She says "I was born in Ethiopia". I said "really?!" (she's white - so I was a bit surprised). Turns out she was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia because her parents did mission work there. She's lived, in Racine, for 6 yrs now, but her brother still lives there. Her brother works with groups that come over to do mission work. So...she was VERY excited to hear that we are adopting from there. She wants me to keep in touch with her and let her know how things are going. She's going to hook us up with her brother while we are over there. It will be so nice to meet with him and have him take us around. I'm sure our agency will be great with all of that, but will be nice to have another "connection" there. She has some friends that live in the area here that are leaving tomorrow to go pick up their child from Ethiopia too. So...needless to say - I was SO excited. I walked out of the flag store in tears. I mean think about it what are the chances that we are in the store at the exact same time as her and when we are looking at an Ethiopian map - she walks by and sees what we are looking at?! Coincidence? Nope...I don't think so. That was God. What an awesome way to start the weekend!! Oh and the picture above is our purchase from the flag store.

Before we went downtown...we got a special invitation to a PEE PEE TEA PARTY!! Have you ever been to one?? Our niece, Ava started potty training a couple of weeks ago and once she earned 5 stickers - she got to have a pee pee tea party! Uncle Timmy & Aunty Dawny were lucky enough to get invited. We had a lovely tea party with cookies & milk (we pretended it was tea) and balloons too. I did however feel a little underdressed for the occasion because Bayli & Ava were oh so cute in their pink dresses and jewels.

(had to put one in of big sister Bayli)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Numbers!!!

New numbers!!! Well...I thought I knew for SURE what our new #'s would be. I thought that we moved 1 spot on the boy list and 2 spots on the girls list. So...was pleasantly surprised to hear that we moved more than that.

People often ask me if I'm getting anxious & impatient. Obviously...we are anxious & impatient because we've been wanting a child for several years now. But, the past 2 months have honestly gone pretty fast and I feel that I've been pretty patient. So - I think I'm handling the waiting period "ok" so far. Ask me again in a couple of months and I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune. But...I think as long as there is some movement...I'll be ok.

Ok ok ok....I know you are wanting to know the #'s, so I'll shut up and post them!

For a Boy....

For a Girl...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Harley Riders

This past weekend was the 105th Anniversary for Harley here in Milwaukee. Tim had some family in town for all the festivities so we got together for a nice cookout on Sunday. Here are some pics of some pretty cute little Harley riders.

This is the first week of the month, so we will be getting updated #'s this week. I'm still waiting for the call, but I think we've only moved 1 spot. I'll keep you posted.