Monday, August 23, 2010

Mondays are stoooooopid!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I suck at laundry...

So... basically I suck at laundry.  There... I said it.  I'm usually always behind and I tend to do laundry when it gets to the point where we are running out of underwear or something.  Hey... don't judge.. just keepin it real.  But, when I DO do laundry it really annoys me when I have a hodge podge of items left.  A few white shirts... a few red shirts... etc..  Doesn't that annoy you?  It's not enough for a full white or full color load.  Ok.. so I found something that I'm lovin.  Shout Color Catcher.  Ever tried it?

Let me say that I work for the company that makes this product.  We've had it for I don't know how many years now, but I've been too chicken to try it.  I thought how is this dryer sheet looking thing going to keep the red dye from getting onto my whites.  Well, I'm happy to report that it WORKS!!  Seriously.  I was very impressed.  You get a box of these white dryer sheet looking things and just stick it right in the wash with the rest of your stuff.  Then when you take your stuff out of the washer you can see all the dye that the sheet soaked up.  It's magic!  This picture doesn't really do it any justice, but you can kinda see how it soaked up all the red/pink dyes.

Ok I'm done sounding like a salesman now... ha!  Let me know if you want to try one - I'll send ya a FREE sample... who doesn't love a free sample???

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Meheret...

Doesn’t she look sad? I’m sure you would be too if you lived in a trash dump. That’s her reality. She is 12 yrs old and spends her days there. She’s not alone though, 130,000 are also living there. If you haven’t already read my friend Jody’s blog about her day at Korah, please do so here.  It's long, but SO worth the read. 

I'm happy to report that Meheret won’t be in the dump much longer though because Tim and I are now proud sponsors of Meheret! Her future is looking brighter and I’m hoping to get a picture of her smiling in just a few weeks. $700 from us and her life is now changed. She gets to go to summer camp where she will get one decent meal a day, and then in September she will go to boarding school 3 hours away. This covers her room, 3 meals a day, books, tuition, hygiene needs, uniform and transportation to and from school when needed during breaks. We are very excited for Meheret and are looking forward to exchanging letters with her and building a relationship.

PLEASE consider sponsoring a child. There are about 15 teenagers left waiting to be sponsored and their time is running out. Is $700 a lot of money? Sure it is. But, you are talking about completely changing their lives and giving them a chance. They’ve never been given a chance – PLEASE consider being that person for them. Tim and I are saving birthday money, having a rummage sale and we also have a fun little raffle we’ll be doing soon – so check back with us soon to get in on the FUN!! Please think about it and see if you could maybe get creative and find a way to come up with some $ to be “mom” or “dad” to one of these desperate teens!! You can read lots more on Project 61 at their website –

Monday, August 9, 2010

Like my neckace?

Isn't it PRETTY?!?!  Do you want one?  Good news - you can have one too!!  Troy & Amber are selling these necklaces as a fundraiser for their adoption.  So... hop on over to their blog and snatch one up for yourself and while you are at it you should probably buy one for your mom too! Troy & Amber's son Silas was at Hannah's Hope with Jaxson and I'm so excited that they are in the process of adopting a baby sister for Silas.  Go check out their blog - there are a few ways you can help support them. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Worst Mom of the Year Award goes to....

Me. Yes... *big sigh*..... Me.

I've been laying in bed all weekend sick and this morning Jaxson crawled up into bed with me and was playing. He was climbing off the bed and decided he wanted back on. He was slipping off the side and was saying "Ep Ep", which means "help help". So I grabbed his arm that was closest to me and... POP. Just like that... the tears started coming. Something was out of socket - we just didn't know what. Oh boy did I feel horrible. He wasn't moving his arm at all and if you touched it - he would cry. Tim took him into the emergency room while I sulked at home and gathered my things that I was going to take to jail with me. Because certainly the police were going to come and handcuff me and take me away for child abuse or something... I was certain of it. The doctor popped Jaxson's elbow back into socket (doesn't it sound painful?!). Eek. Thankfully he started using his arm right away and all was good in the world again. I was so happy to see him when he came home. Jax could push every button on the tv and get into any cabinet he wanted without hearing "no" from mommy. Just for today though. Oh and I'm happy to report that I'm blogging from my couch and not from a jail cell. Phew...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Come Back Kid...

Look who's baaaaack!! After spending the weekend in Nashville with all my adoption peeps - it inspired me to get back into blog world. I've been gone far too long don'tcha think?? AND... the blog is public again. Hoping that there are no weirdos out there. So, if you are weird - please go away. thank you. moving right along...

Well, let's just dive into some pictures.... mmkay? Because really... that's all you want to see. So, for those of you who don't know.. AGCI had their annual picnic in Nashville and we loaded up the car and headed out to see our friends!
Off we go...

We made a pit stop in Indianapolis to see the Alexander crew! :) Hannah & Chloe are too cute! See you all again in a couple weeks!!

Then we stopped in Louisville for the night...

Couple more hours of driving and we made it to Nashville. This happy camper loved the king size bed!!

Friday night we went to the Luchts & met up with some other families. All these little ones are within months of eachother in age - SO fun! Well, Jaxson's little tantrum was not so fun.. but just ignore that. And look at sweet little Ab up there.

Saturday was the picnic. BIG group. Little game of where's waldo for you.. can you spot J and I?

We got to meet up with lots of our "online friends". It was so nice to meet some of them in person. Whitney is one of the sweetest people!

Noah is a BUSY 2 year old. It's hard to get a picture of this little cutie because he is always on the move!

Silas has some of the prettiest eyes. I always love his facial expressions.

Oh sweet Zoe! This girl is cRaZy fun!! She is a HOOT!

Jax and Finny playing in the water.

Tim, Pat & the kiddos in downtown Nashville

So... as you all know... Jody and I have been planning Jax & Zoe's wedding for like umm the past year and a half. Well, little did we know... that Zoe would just be the bridesmaid. Look 2 pictures below...

These 2 little lovebirds hit it off. Well, I don't think Callie had much of a choice. Jaxson LOVES Callie. And I mean LOVES. He could not keep his hands off of her (no I am not exaggerating). He wanted to be sitting on her lap, hugging her, touching her leg, standing by her, staring at her, etc... It was pretty funny. So... we'll just have to see how this little love triangle plays out.

Jody & I. Apparently someone didn't tell me to put a brush through my hair. Sheesh Dawn - get it together.

Ok.. don't judge me. But, this was Jaxson's breakfast one morning. Hey... we were on vacation so whatever.

Aren't they cute?!?! Oh how I love them...
Sunday we went to Centennial Park... gorgeous!

Jaxson & Finny had lots of fun playing. They had us cracking up!

They put on a dance show for us. Finn has some serious moves...

Does it get any cuter than this??? Sweet little buddies.

Fun night with the Hulls!

And that's it. That was our first little roadtrip as a family of 3! :) We had such a great time and wish we could have spent more time with everyone, but all good things must come to an end... right? Well... at least that's what they say.

(Ok... so since I was a MAJOR blog slacker - did I at least make up for it with the gazillion pics I posted?!)