Thursday, September 24, 2009


Miss me? It's been too long - I know. I need to spend some serious time catching up with the blogs and adding people to the blog list on my page. But... first of all - thanks a lot to all of you for making me feel like a big ol' shmuckity shmuck! Here I am thinking of all the different ways I could destroy the helmet and everyone thinks I should keep it. Fine... you win. It will find a spot on a shelf or in a box in the basement. Boring.

So, today is Tim's 30th Birthday!!! He's joining all you others out there in the old fart club. Haha - just kidding. Well... kinda. :) He's the best husband and father to Jaxson - I'm SO blessed. Really really blessed. Here's a pic of my favorite boys.

We went to the AGCI picnic in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and got to meet several families. Of course I forgot to take any pictures. I was so excited to meet Tisha, but we only got to spend like 3 minutes together. :( But, we will meet up soon because we aren't too far away. We got to talk with the Millers, the Hensleys, the Voights, the Toepplers and I think that's it.

What else have we been up to? Umm, not really sure. But, I'll post some pics because I know thats what you really want.

Jaxson's 1st 49er game!!
checkin' out the babes at the beach...




Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The polls are open...

Ok... let's start off with a little confession, mmmkay? Before Jaxson I would get so frustrated when families would come home with their kiddos and disappear from the blogs and think "man, I'll never do that". Ha. I am SO that person. So... there it is. I take it back. Ahem... moving onto other things...

So, we are getting close to being helmet free in this house. Not close enough... but close. We are 4 weeks away. Woot woot! Come on... say it with me now. Woot Woot!! Ok, much better. The big debate in our house right now is what to do with the helmet once we're done with it. Which is October 6th - just in case you wanted to mark your calendar and have a little celebration that day - we sure will. However... we can't agree on what we want to do with the helmet. I would like to take my Chrysler Pacifica and run it over and do an evil little mmmmwah hahaha sort of laugh while doing it. Some other suggestions have been thrown in the mix as well, so... this is where YOU come in. We are doing a little poll to see what everyone thinks we should do. Over on the top right of my page there is a little poll - go on over and vote what you think we should do. This should be fun! :)

And since I can't do a post without a picture. This is just one of the many horrible things we do as parents to Jaxson. Poor kid. We stick socks in his helmet and then laugh and take pictures. We are horrible - I know.