Monday, November 8, 2010

jaxson is 2!!!

jaxson turned 2 on friday!! pictures of the birthday weekend will be coming soon.  meanwhile... here are some jax stats...

FAVORITE FOOD:  pizza (pronounced sipisa by jax)

FAVORITE TOY: a yellow cancer bracelet and a dog collar.  good thing we have a house full of toys.

FAVORITE FRIEND: his cousin emry. he talks about her everyday...several times a day.

FAVORITE MOVIE: shrek and pongo & perdita

FAVORITE THING TO DO: turn lights on and off, talk about turning the lights on and off, play with addy, take a bath, go bye bye, watch a movie, and make us laugh

FAVORITE TREAT: dippin dots... he's got his mommy's love of ice cream

FAVORITE PHRASE:  buh bye emry yeah which means "lets go see emry"

FAVORITE BOOK: ten friendly fish & i love you more than

We love you Jaxson and continue to be amazed at the joy you bring us each & everyday.  You truly are a gift and we couldn't be prouder!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

some guilt... and an oh so cute puppy

So this is going to be a spewing post...sorry.  I read a blog today and boy did it resignate with me.  Ever feel like you are failing at everything?  Uhh hello... that's me.  I never really used to have those feelings until I became a mother.  That's when I had TIME.  Oh time... where did you go?  I feel like I was on top of the game back then.  Not so much anymore.  I feel like I can't be as good of a friend, as good of a wife, as good of a daughter, as good of a sister, as good of a granddaughter, as good of an aunt, as good of a cousin, as good of an employee, etc.. etc...  Man - mommyhood sure does come with some guilt, eh?  Slap on being a working mom on top of it all and you have a big ole' heap of ugliness.  Now... don't get me wrong here - I LOVE being a mom more than anything in the entire world.  But, I have the guilt of everything else that isn't at the top of the list anymore.  Is my grandma doing ok?  Is she sad because I haven't called or stopped by in awhile?  Do my nieces wonder where cool aunt dawny went and why I don't spend as much time with them anymore?  I used to be the friend who didn't miss a birthday or a special day.... hmmm... can't say that anymore.  So... reading that blog today at least made me realize that I'm not alone.  I think everyone feels like that to some extent - right?  And why do I keep comparing myself to the person I was before Jaxson came???  I'm NOT that person anymore.  I CAN'T be that person anymore.  So... my question to you... how do you make that guilt go away?  Man is it consuming... help....

Happy Wednesday Friends.

P.S. my little puppy is going to be 2 on Friday!  :)