Sunday, October 10, 2010

Randomness by Dawn

Well...well...well....  time sure has flown since my last post and since Troy has resulted to calling me out, I better get to it.  I can't be outdone by no no.  Life is busy.  Very busy.  Work is busy.  Very busy.  I'm still working on that whole balance thing.  It's definitely a work in progress.  So, I don't have anything in particular in mind to post about, so I'll just give ya a little sampling of what's going on in this noggin of mine - mmkay?

  • First off - Jody is going back to Ethiopia on Oct. 20th and I'm SUPER excited for her.  She's going to visit the school that Meheret is at and give her a little package for us and give her some love.  I'm looking forward to an update on Meheret when Jody gets back. So... keep Jody Jo in your prayers - k?  She would appreciate that. :)
  • Jaxson's halloween costume is ridiculously cute.  When I put it on him - I teared up.  Yes, I'm a nerd.  But seriously... just wait until you see a picture of him in it.  Oh my... he melts my heart.
  • I have like no food in my house and really should be grocery shopping right now and not blogging.  Eh.. oh well.
  • The 49ers are 0-4... if they do not win tonight... I am going to be mad.  I really do not want a crabby husband for a 5th Sunday in a row.  Seriously guys... get it together.  Please. Please.
  • Last night I made some banana caramel ravioli.  Delish.  You must make it. So good.  Here's a link to the recipe.  You will not be disappointed - I promise.  And if you are - well then you just are not normal.
  • Tim has been busy busy with his photography.  Fall is a popular time for pictures with the leaves changing and so he is found behind his computer editing most nights.  If you haven't checked out his work - you should.
  • Jaxson is going to be TWO on Nov. 5th.  I know I sound like a broken record, but he is getting so big so fast.  He is soooo much fun.  He wears me out, but I still miss him when he's sleeping.  I know you think I'm crazy, but I do.  Sometimes I go in while he's sleeping and just pick him up and rock him and then put him back in his crib.  Love the cuddles and love when he sleeps on me. :)
  • So... Jaxson's new thing now.  Oh man.  When he's being naughty (which hardly EVER happens - ha yeah right) and we are yelling talking to him in a very calm voice about being naughty he looks at us and says "how are you?"  Now how am I supposed to not laugh at that?  He is a stinker and a half and knows how to charm.
  • I want need to start working out.  I even went and bought some new tennis shoes.  So, it's a step in the right direction.  I'm thinking "30 by 30".  30 lbs by the time I'm 30 yrs old.  Hmm... not sure how I feel about typing that.  Because now you know.  And if I don't succeed I'll be a big lame-o.  Eek.  Ok... I said I have to do it.  Stupid caramel banana ravioli.  I love hate you.
  • I need some good crockpot recipes.  Do you have any good ones?  Keep in mind that we are kinda picky eaters in this house, so don't be suggesting recipes with spinach and mushrooms and all that weirdy stuff.
Alright... that's all I got.  It's time for me to go check in on Tim and the 49ers and hope that it's good news.  Wish me luck folks... wish me luck....


jody said...


yes, you are a nerd. but how is that related to how cute Jax is? hahahaha.

move here and we can go walking together, even though i don't need to lose one single ounce, i would do it for you b/c i am a giver like that.

on my blog, i have a link to a crock pot website with over 400 recipes. yup, go there.

The Hull's at #4 said...

I miss you!!!

Just got the first part of Finny's costume in the mail last week, Truett is NOT excited about what he's gonna be, I'm sure Finny won't be either when he's 10, but hey he's only little a bit longer, so I just HAVE to!

Tisha said...

HA!!! I am going to have to check and see if the 49ers won. I am sure that'll tell me what kind of night you had??!! :)
Halloween costumes... too funny! I just tell the kids to grap some old comstume in their closet, because I am NOT spending $50 on a costume per child. Just wait till you he gets older. The costumes they WANT to wear are dumb!! ;)

Matt said...

Sorry about your luck with the 49ers. I thought maybe they would pull it off after Singletary opened a verbal can of whoop a-- on their QB. Alas, too little too late.

Hilarious post!

Troy said...

Troy - 4 posts this month.
Dawn - 1

Just calling them how I see them...

Also, I see a half marathon in your future ... I'd sponsor ya :)

And I still have 20 to go so I could do a "20 by 35" with ya...

jody said...

hey, if you are over 35, are you off the hook then for this weightloss malarkey???

ps-word verif is mondi, as in the way a snooty englishman says the first day of the work week....

Kelly said...

Loved reading your "randomness". Nice to hear what is going on with you..can't wait to see Jaxson in his costume.
Did you get that rocking thing while they are sleeping from Jody--she does that, doesn't she?! haha!

jody said...

yes, i am all about disturbing my sleeping child ;)

Karen said...

the 49ers? oh gosh!! ok that ravioli sounds divine!! :) Jaxson is pretty stinkin cute.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog and finally figured out how to reply? Sorry not real bright with computers, blogs and such:) I love reading about Jax:) Love you, Mom P