Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Meheret...

Doesn’t she look sad? I’m sure you would be too if you lived in a trash dump. That’s her reality. She is 12 yrs old and spends her days there. She’s not alone though, 130,000 are also living there. If you haven’t already read my friend Jody’s blog about her day at Korah, please do so here.  It's long, but SO worth the read. 

I'm happy to report that Meheret won’t be in the dump much longer though because Tim and I are now proud sponsors of Meheret! Her future is looking brighter and I’m hoping to get a picture of her smiling in just a few weeks. $700 from us and her life is now changed. She gets to go to summer camp where she will get one decent meal a day, and then in September she will go to boarding school 3 hours away. This covers her room, 3 meals a day, books, tuition, hygiene needs, uniform and transportation to and from school when needed during breaks. We are very excited for Meheret and are looking forward to exchanging letters with her and building a relationship.

PLEASE consider sponsoring a child. There are about 15 teenagers left waiting to be sponsored and their time is running out. Is $700 a lot of money? Sure it is. But, you are talking about completely changing their lives and giving them a chance. They’ve never been given a chance – PLEASE consider being that person for them. Tim and I are saving birthday money, having a rummage sale and we also have a fun little raffle we’ll be doing soon – so check back with us soon to get in on the FUN!! Please think about it and see if you could maybe get creative and find a way to come up with some $ to be “mom” or “dad” to one of these desperate teens!! You can read lots more on Project 61 at their website – www.p61.org.


jody said...

you're the bomb :)

Donna said...

I was scrolling down the blog list on 'We love our Lucy Lane' site and your title caught my eye. MEHERET means God's Mercy. I know this because my husband and I just received a referral for our little girl MEHERET!! And is if that weren't enough my husband is traveling TODAY with the Project61 team going to KORAH! We are sponsoring a 14 yr old boy there. He can't wait to meet Fleka.
Please email me if you like!