Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Snow and More Snow

Well we got dumped on here in SE Wisconsin... and I mean dumped on. The snow started Thursday night and didn't stop until about noon on Friday. We got about 11 inches. Here is a picture of us opening the back door. Now, keep in mind that there is about a 7" step down and you can see how far the snow is above the door.

Here is a picture of Addy out with the snow. Poor Addy doesn't get the whole yard to run around in. We have to shovel a little circle for her to do her "business" in. And yes that is a little coat she has on. It gets very cold here in WI people! And she wears little fleece boots too otherwise she stands on 3 legs because her feet get so cold. She LOVES her boots and doesn't like going out without them. We don't have any kids, so yes she is our baby and we spoil her. I'm fully aware of that. And Addy is going to have some major issues when Baby P comes.
So we had our Profit Sharing Program at work on Friday despite the snow. Our President brought in the group Three Graces to sing for us. I had never heard of them before, but they were really good. I just got done downloading some of their songs onto my ipod. You should check them out. Alright, it's 1am and past my bedtime. Good Night.


jody said...

oh man, that is a lot of snow-and a lot of COLD!!! i am not a fan of cold-it is cold and WINDY here, the worst combo in my opinion. so i am going to go sit ont he couch and....knit. sigh. i will be glad when Christmas is over and I can knit if I want to, not b/c I HAVE to. At least it is warm-I am working opn a huge bag for my mom :)