Monday, December 29, 2008

Started the nursery!!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas!! We sure did. It was nice spending time with all of our family. We have lots of houses to hit on Christmas, so it gets a little crazy but it was great. Baby P even scored some nice gifts. Little toys, blankets, etc... It was nice that people remembered our baby this Christmas even though he/she isn't physically here. The baby is definitely in our hearts on our mind LOTS!!
Here's a picture of us with all of Tim's siblings and spouses. We're a pretty fun group if you ask me. They all came over to our house the day after Christmas and we had lots of laughs. We played some Rockband and even busted out the camcorder for a couple songs and my oh my... if I posted them - you would pee your pants laughing... no joke... you would. But, am I dumb enough to post a video of me singing Eye of the Tiger for the whole world to see?! NO!! So use your imagination! Our baby has NO idea how dorky his/her parents are... hahaha.

And here is a picture of all of our nieces & nephew. I can't wait for our baby to be in the picture!!

I've been keeping myself VERY busy - makes the time go faster. 6 more days until AGCI opens - woohoo!! So, some fun news to share.... my friend Jenna and I started painting the nursery tonight and it's looking good!! We only did one wall, but that one wall looks FANTABULOUS! We got a late start, so will have to finish later. The color looks good. My edges...not so good. Definitely going to have some touch-ups to do. I'm hoping to do some more painting tomorrow. Oh and Tim did a wonderful job "supervising"... ha. My goal is to have the room painted before I go back to work on the 5th. My mom is throwing a shower for me on the 10th, so need the room done so we have somewhere to put all the goodies!! Can't wait to post pics when the nursery is done.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

So... no phone call. Boo. It stinks, but I know we are close. We didn't get a referral by Christmas like we'd hope, so now I'm aiming for one by Christmas in Ethiopia which is 1/7.

I did want to say CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who passed court - that's wonderful!! I'm so happy that you found out right away and didn't have to wait until the 5th. Now we all need to pray for Autumn's court date on the 3oth!!! She has waited much too long.

I hope you all have your shopping done, gifts wrapped, groceries bought, house cleaned, etc.. so that you can enjoy the next 2 days with your families!!

From our house to yours... Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

45 hrs

In 45 hours it will be closing time for AGCI until Jan.5th. Almost 2 weeks of hearing nothing... that's going to stink. So, I'm praying so hard that we hear something in the next 45 hours! I know the chances of us getting a referral before Christmas is very slim, but I'm holding on to just an itty bitty ounce of hope for a Christmas miracle. What I wanted more than anything was to be a Mom this Christmas.
Saying prayers for all of you who have court dates this week!!

Snow Snow and More Snow

Well we got dumped on here in SE Wisconsin... and I mean dumped on. The snow started Thursday night and didn't stop until about noon on Friday. We got about 11 inches. Here is a picture of us opening the back door. Now, keep in mind that there is about a 7" step down and you can see how far the snow is above the door.

Here is a picture of Addy out with the snow. Poor Addy doesn't get the whole yard to run around in. We have to shovel a little circle for her to do her "business" in. And yes that is a little coat she has on. It gets very cold here in WI people! And she wears little fleece boots too otherwise she stands on 3 legs because her feet get so cold. She LOVES her boots and doesn't like going out without them. We don't have any kids, so yes she is our baby and we spoil her. I'm fully aware of that. And Addy is going to have some major issues when Baby P comes.
So we had our Profit Sharing Program at work on Friday despite the snow. Our President brought in the group Three Graces to sing for us. I had never heard of them before, but they were really good. I just got done downloading some of their songs onto my ipod. You should check them out. Alright, it's 1am and past my bedtime. Good Night.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Thoughts by Dawny P

So... I'm sure you are checking my blog to see if we've heard anything yet... NOPE! I don't have anything interesting or fun to blog about, so I'll just let you inside my brain for a few minutes. Here are my random thoughts swarming my head....

- I need to send out Christmas cards - no I did not take you off my list - I just haven't sent them yet.
- I need to get some little Christmas gifts for 9 co-workers. *sigh* what should I get?
- I need to get some laundry detergent. How come when Tim does laundry he pours like 1/2 a bottle of detergent in... ugh
- I'm watching Medical Incredible on tv right now and there is this woman with no legs scooting around her living room floor vacuuming. I have 2 legs and I don't vacuum.
- I've been on the hunt for the perfect little teddy bear for the baby. My mom finally found one - the hospital gift shop of all places - it had a dorky little tshirt on it, so we just took that off. I want to send the bear over after we get our referral, but I want it to smell like us, so I'm starting to sleep with it everynight. :)
- I have 7 mos to lose about 30 lbs. I'm in a wedding in July. The bridesmaid dress is very pretty. Not so pretty on me though. Gotta get to work.
- How am I ever going to lose weight around the holidays?! I ate out for lunch today for a celebration lunch thingy with work. I am eating out tomorrow night for a family dinner thing, eating out for lunch on Wednesday with some friends at work, going out on Wednesday night for a holiday dinner/gift exchange with 3 of my very good friends... Oh man....
- What am I going to wear on Friday to the Profit Sharing Program (Christmas program type thing that work does every year - its a dressy occasion)
- Need to get a birthday gift for my friend by Thursday
- Why do I live in WI when it's so stinking cold?
- I need to bring an appetizer to work on Thursday for a potluck lunch
- Need to go shopping for baby gifts for a co-worker to give her on Thursday
- Autumn was right... being #1 is not all it's cracked up to be... I already have anxiety sometimes and I am constantly anticipating a call. Not fun. I mean I'm glad I'm #1, but just very worried that it won't happen before Christmas. I will be very sad if that's the case.
- I need to finish up my Christmas shopping
- I'm so thankful that my work gives us off from the 19th to the 5th!! Thank you SCJ!
- I always read blogs that say how much people struggle with keeping the house clean and doing laundry now with their 3rd, 4th, etc child... I have NO kids and I already can't keep up. How am I going to keep up when the baby comes?
- I'm so happy that I met my buddy Jody!! We've become great friends and I REALLY hope we get to travel together!!
- I really miss our friends in Australia and wish they were going to be here for Christmas.
- I really hate it when I'm driving and the person in the car next to me or in front of me is smoking and the smell of their cigarette smoke gets in my car through the vents. That's so gross and I don't like it.
- I made some chocolate peanut butter bars tonight - they are really really good

Ok, thats what's going on in my noggin right now... As much as being #1 is stressful, I think being #1 right now around the holidays is pretty cool. I'm super busy at work and at home, but there's not a minute that goes by that I don't think about the child that I love more than anything that's on the other side of the world right now. So, I'll just continue to hope and pray that we receive a wonderful phone call this week!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Merry Christmas

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Waiting Sucks

Waiting sucks. That pretty much sums up how I feel. I was SO super excited about the thought that we might be #1 last week. Now that it's been a week, I'm feeling antsy. I find that I'm just drained at the end of the day. I find myself ALWAYS anticipating the call. If I walk to the water cooler without my phone I freak out and run back to my desk to see if I missed THE CALL. Nope. About every 20 minutes I look down at my phone - just make sure it's on... make sure I have several bars... yep it's all good - why wouldn't it be. It's always fine... but I just have to check a gazillion times... just in case. Everytime I do anything I think "oh I wonder if I'll get the call in this meeting...or I wonder if I'll get the call while eating lunch with friends today... or I wonder if the phone will ring while I'm going to the bathroom (seriously that's probably when it will happen - my luck it will and YES I will answer!!)... or I wonder if it will happen while I'm driving home from work..etc...etc...etc". I also find myself thinking of our child A LOT. Julie said that there are babies at HH - just waiting on paperwork to get processed. So, I'm pretty sure our child is there. So, I wonder what they are doing... are they in a swing, are one of the special mothers holding them, are they sitting outside watching the older kids play, what's their birth mother doing, etc.... These questions run through my mind all the time. So... I guess I'll continue to just sit and think and daydream... what else am I going to do?

We went to dinner with my cousin & his wife tonight. Today was her due date, but no baby. I was hoping for some action during dinner, but that didn't happen. I said "what would you do if your water broke RIGHT here at Olive Garden!!??" She just looked at me like "uhhh not cool". They asked Tim and I to be the Godparents of their little baby boy that should be coming soon. So, we of course were very honored. I'm so thankful that we have lots of babies in our family - our baby will have lots of cousins his/her age. On our way home from dinner my parents called and said that they were going to stop by to pick up a book...well surprise surprise they brought over the crib that we wanted!! :) WOOHOO!!! I think they are trying to give us a hint to get working on that nursery. Yes, we've been slacking. But we are never home! I'll be off from the 19th to the 5th though, so I'm hoping to make some serious progress. I have lots of ideas swirling in my head, so can't wait to get started. Thanks Mom & Dad - we love you!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Tim and I went to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party last night and oh man were there a lot of ugly sweaters!

Like our sweaters? Whoever made my sweatshirt was obviously torn and did not know what to do so just did it ALL - whole lotta everything going on! I also have some blinking earrings on, but you can't see those.

We also had a white elephant gift exchange. These are the lovely gifts that Tim and I came home with. Don't ask me what this first thing is - it's one of the strangest/ugliest things I have ever seen! It's a ceramic dog with a furry tail - that's just wrong.

Our little niece Emry was dedicated this morning, so I took a few pictures. Seriously - are they not the cutest red heads ever?!?!
Well...we do know that we are #2 for a girl and there is a very good chance that we are #1 for a boy. We are SO very excited!! Tim wanted to avoid the #1 spot all together and just get a referral before we had a chance to know that we were #1. I'm just thrilled right now, however I'm sure that won't last long. Those that know me know that patience is not one of my strengths. I would LOVE to get a referral by Christmas and Julie said she would hope we would too, but to be prepared just in case that doesn't happen. Well, I'm just pretending like she didn't say that second part. If we are #1 going into Christmas I think I will go crazy. Let's hope for another exciting week of referrals!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Could it be?!?!?!

Yeah - that look has been plastered on my face for the past 5 hrs!!! There is a chance that we could be #1 and #2 !! YES PEOPLE - #1 AND #2!! I am freaking out (in a good way)!!! Now, I don't know for sure... but reason to believe... and well Erin thinks so too! :) I haven't gotten our # update yet this week, so I should be hearing from Julie tomorrow. Wouldn't it be nice if she called me with a referral though instead of a #?!?! It would be so nice to not have to sit at that #1 spot long, but I'm just thankful to possibly be at the #1 spot... so no complaints here! I'm sure I won't be sleeping much tonight!

Congrats to all those who received referrals!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This is what I look like right now. Sneezing, eyes watering, nose running CONSTANTLY, etc etc... BLAH! I couldn't help but think... what if Julie from AGCI calls today and I'm so out of it from my cold medicine and ambien (oh ambien I love you) that I don't hear the phone?! I'm going to sleep with the phone next to my ear!

Dozing off to benadryl....